Meet the prophet that foresaw Osinbajo’s helicopter crash

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Precisely, 4th of November, 2018, during a church service, an Abuja based prophet popularly called Humble Prophet I.O. Samuel (JP) of the Shiloh Word Chapel predicted the air mishap involving the Nigerian vice president, Professor Yemi Osinbajo.

In a video where the session was recorded, the man of God urged his congregation to pray for the Professor Osinbajo specifically. He said, “There is a prayer. I am seeing disintegration in the leadership of Nigeria; pray for Osinbajo, pray for the vice president of Nigeria, Lord have mercy on him.”

Going through his Youtube channel, it was also noted he had given many other prophesies in the past that came true.

Humble Prophet I. O. Samuel (JP) is a graduate of WOFBI (Word of Faith Bible Institute), who was called into full-time ministry in 2010. He has written over 28 books covering various areas of life. As a founder of Samaritan Foundation, a charity organization, Prophet Samuel has impacted the lives of many Nigerians.

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