Brexit amendment to stop no-deal brexit

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has thrown its weight behind a plan to prevent a no-deal Brexit and give MPs the power to request an extension to Article 50.

A party source told The Independent: “We are backing the [Yvette] Cooper amendment to reduce the threat of the chaos of a no-deal exit.

“The Cooper bill could give MPs a temporary window to agree a deal that can bring the country together.”

The proposal calls for a vote on a draft Bill that would give parliament control over the Brexit process if the prime minister fails to secure backing for her deal by 26 February.

If passed and Ms May fails to rally support before the deadline, MPs would then get a vote on requesting an extension to Article 50 – delaying the vote Britain leaves the EU, which is currently due to happen on 29 March.

Ultimately such a request would have to receive the unanimous backing of the EU 27, who have the power the grant or refuse an extension to the two-year timeframe of the negotiations.

Ms Cooper’s plan, which has cross-party support, now appears likely to pass given the support from Labour’s frontbench, but it still remains to be seen whether the Commons speaker, John Bercow, will select the amendment for MPs to vote on.

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