White woman turned black says she believes she could have a black baby with white husband

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A German model who darkened the colour of her skin to “become a black woman” has appeared on TV saying that she believes she and her white husband could have a black baby.

Martina Big has been darkening her skin using melanin injections for two years. After her “transition”, as she calls it, Martina says she now identifies as a black woman.

Speaking to Holly Willoughby and John Barrowman on ITV’s This Morning, Martina said:

The skin is getting darker and my growing hair is changing and getting curly and more dark.

Bizarrely, Martina claimed that she and her white husband are hoping to have a baby and that the baby could be black.

Martina said:

Yes [the doctors] say [the baby] will be black.

We’re not having plans, but I’m discussing regularly with my doctor if my body is ok, if [having a] baby is ok, if breastfeeding is ok, and how the baby will look like…

Willoughby replied:

And if that baby is not – because I’m trying to think how that’s possible biologically… I don’t see how that’s possible genetically.

If it’s not, will you feel close if you give birth to a white child, or will you somehow feel it’s not connected to you?

Martina said:

No it’s a mix of Michael and me, I’m pretty sure it will be black, or milk chocolate or a little bit lighter, it doesn’t matter.

This isn’t the first time a white person has claimed to “change race”. Rachel Dozeal was infamously rumbled for presenting as a black woman and describes herself as “transracial”. Understandably, the idea of a white person changing race is extremely offensive to many people of colour, who face marginalisation and discrimination because of their skin every day.

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