Rapper Fazilpuria’s manager physically assaults Rakhi Sawant’s fiance

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Comedian Deepak Kalal’s name is once again making it to headlines, but this time it’s not because of Rakhi Sawant, who had announced her marriage to him back in November 2018. A video of Deepak Kalal being beaten up by the manager of Rapper Fazilpuria has made it to social media and it has gone viral now. In the viral video, a man named Deepak Nandal, along with his friends, can be seen beting up the India’s Got Talent 8 fame comedian Deepak Kalal on the streets of Gurugram. Not just that, Nandal took his audacity to a whole new level by LIVE streaming the video of him bashing Kalal, on his Instagram page.

The viral video shows how Kalal is begging Nandal to show some mercy on him while Nandal and his friends were coercing Kalal to make a promise that he would quit comedy on social media. Deepak can be seen crying with folded hands and at a point he even touches Nandal’s feet and asks him to stop hurting him. What’s more apalling is that Nandal’s criminal activity is finding words of support online.

One look at the social media profiles (Facebook and Instagram) of Nandal is enough to give you an idea of his dark personality. Nandal claims to be a music producer who has apparently worked on popular songs like Badshah’s Chull and Jimmy Choo. His Facebook bio mentions that he manages rapper Fazilpuria. Nandal’s Instagram page not only flaunts his many pictures with Fazilpuria, but also his love for guns, which he never fails to boast about.

Some sensible social media denizens have also tried to bring the attention of Delhi Police at the shocking incident of Deepak Kalal being beaten up by Nandal. We wonder if and when will the police take action in the matter.

Those who’re uninitiated, Rakhi Sawant had announced marriage to Deepak Kalal on November 28, 2018 on her Instagram page. She had shared the invitation card on social media and had even confirmed that the likes of Karan Johar and Shah Rukh Khan will be in attendance (yeah right!).

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