Verhofstadt tweets eu Egg as symbol of unity for pro-Europeans’ over Brexit

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GUY Verhofstadt shared a picture of an egg emblazoned with the EU flag to urge citizens to come out as “pro-European” just hours before Theresa May’s Brexit deal was defeated in the House of Commons.

The EU’s chief Brexit negotiator posted the picture with the hashtags “#IamEuropean” and “#GenerationEurope” on the morning before Prime Minister suffered a massive parliamentary defeat over her controversial EU withdrawal agenda. But his post appeared to backfire when followers were quick to remind him they were “pro-Europe” but against the club he so passionately campaigns for – the European Union.

Tweeting alongside an image of a blue egg, emblazoned with yellow stars, Mr Verhofstadt wrote: “Let’s see how many pro-Europeans are out there  #IamEuropean #GenerationEurope #WorldRecord

His post has attracted 5,076 retweets and 14,336 likes so far. While some declared their allegiance to the Brussels club, others tweeted Mr Verhofstadt saying: “Love Europe hate the E.U. #brexit

One tweeted: “Europeans or EU fans…? There is a difference. Love Europe, not so much a fan of an increasingly corrupt EU organisation.”

Mr Verhofstadt’s egg post comes after a stock image of an egg amassed 26 million likes to become the most popular post on Instagram of all time.

This morning, the influential MEP lashed out at British politicians after Theresa May’s Brexit deal was dealt a devastating defeat in the House of Commons last night.

Mr Verhofstadt called on MPs to scrap their “narrow party political interests” and join together to build a majority for a Brexit divorce deal that they can support the Tory leader on.

Looking directly at British MEPs in the chamber, he said: “I hope you would give an indication in your intervention to describe the situation in Britain.

“We can follow it situation in Britain but how do we break the deadlock? How do we avoid the devastating no deal scenario?”

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