Married deputy headmistress and science teacher suspended by school after pu­pil ‘caught them romping on desk’ (Photos)

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A deputy headmistress and a science teacher have been suspended after a pu­pil allegedly saw them romp on a classroom desk.

Judith Ramsdale, 44, and 42-year-old head of chemistry Paul Bland — both married — are accused of having sex as students were on a revision day.The shocked youngster is said to have walked in on them after being asked to fetch materials from the school’s English department.

The alleged lovers are suspended as an investigation takes place.

A source said: “They were caught doing it over a desk in one of the classrooms.

Chemistry teacher and his family

Deputy headmistress

“A pupil saw them and ran back to class to tell his teacher, who initially didn’t believe him.

“But there are rumours of it being caught on CCTV. It’s the talk of every school in the area.”

Yesterday Mr Bland confirmed he was suspended from Haslingden High School in Rossendale, Lancs. He said: “It’s social media. I’m going to speak to my union. No comment.” Former English teacher Mrs Ramsdale, known as Jude, lives in Chorley, Lancs, with her husband John, 42. He is an assistant head teacher at another school.

Mr Bland lives with his wife Rebecca, 42, and their three children in Bury.

Word of their alleged sex session at the school, which was awarded an overall rating of “good” by Ofsted, spread on Twitter.

One user posted that the pupil, referred to only as ‘A’, “was asked by another student to collect something from the English department while in for a revision day”.

The Twitter user added: “This resulted in A walking into E4 and seeing Mr Bland and Mrs Ramsdale have sex on a desk. To date we know that Mr Bland and Mrs Ramsdale are both currently on suspension with full pay till the accusation has been confirmed.

“The real kicker in all of this is the fact that Mr Bland & Mrs Ramsdale are still denying the whole situation.”

Poster Katrina Allan asked: “Why have they not been instantly sacked???” She added: “Suspended on full pay, sex in the workplace, a school, absolutely disgusting. That poor lad could be traumatised for life after seeing that.”
Another Twitter user said: “Naughty naughty Mr Bland and Mrs Ramsdale.”

Maizie Rock posted: “As if a science teacher and a deputy head got caught shagging at school in the holidays by a pupil.

“Haslingden High School never failing to impress.”

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